Muino DIY Water Meter Reader


The Muino water approach for water usage sensors aims to simplify installation by reducing complexity. Unlike traditional inductive sensors, the new design is smaller and easier to place, with a more intuitive interface. It also offers higher resolution, allowing for more accurate measurement of water usage, including smaller amounts sub 100-milimeter. The tape itself can be easily being removed!

For some people it is simply not possible to use my water meter reader, because the water meter itself will be under water part of the year. Or people want a sensor connected to an different device that fullfill there needs. Below is the sensor shown it exist of 3 sensor that are in 120 degrees aligned from each other (the gold looking sensors with a bit of purple). The sensor itself is finished with nail polish to make it water proof.

connector connector
The white tape water meter itself is placed over the red rotatery disk. After taping the tape against the meter you can easily placethe sensor on top of the tape for a clear allignment.

Electrical connection

The sensor itself is a I2C sensor. So any MCU controller that will work with 3V3 will work connecting to this sensor. I created examples and still on working on more examples.


You need 4 pins to be connected to the header from left to right (GND, SCL, SDA, 3V3). Beware this is viewed from the top side where no components are placed. connector

Connection to the PICO

I will add in the future a better schematic view. The repository is placed here: Link to the repository. There is a deeper dive in the sensor itself.

connector connector